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Retreats: 5 day Zen Retreat

March 9, 2010


                            APRIL 28th to May 2nd  2010

BEGINS:  Wednesday,6 p.m.
ENDS:  Sunday, 7 p.m.
LOCATION:  Seven fountains spirituality center CHIANGMAI ,
               97 Hwey Kaew Road ( )

Fr.Ama Samy is a Jesuit priest and Zenmaster.
Even after becoming a priest, his heart was restless after God. His heart was not fulfilled by the then Christian spirituality. He began visiting Hindu ashrams and buddhist meditation centers. He was introduced to Ramana Maharishi by Swami Abhishiktananda, and was much moved by Ramana’s vision. His quest and searching led him to become a wandering beggar for a while and settle down as a hermit near a holy shrine; the village people fed him.
It was the zen way which drew him most. With the help of Fr. Enomiya Lassalle, he went to Japan and was able to train with Yamada Ko-Un Roshi of Sanbo Kyodan. In 1982 Yamada Ko-Un gave him transmission and authorization to teach. Fr. AMA Samy is rooted in Christianity and in Zen; he can be said to stand in-between Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. He stands true to Christ, true to Zen and true to the human heart-mind.For more information please visit his Website:
FEES:  5200 ,- Baht  (includes room and board)
Voluntary donations are welcome.
ROOM AVAILABILITY: please register early,space is limited, (  12 single rooms available); if there are more participants,we can provide a multi-shared room.
Please register by e-mail with coursename (meditation) ,the amount of payment,and date of bankdraft:

 Reservation can only be confirmed if full payment is received.
 for meditation, comfortable clothing in muted colors. Seven fountains provide all bedding.

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