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Exciting Papaya News

September 16, 2010

Our Sister Sangha, the AMAZING Little Bang in Bangkok is presenting dharma talks for the rains retreat.  This time of rain, pouring rain at  this wonderful moment, is the time to stay home and turn our ever wandering minds back to the dharma.  Here is the link:

And read a review of Phra Pandit’s dharma talks at  By the way, this blog is always worth a read.

Here at the Green Papaya we will have a special two-day dharma talk by Lama Kunzong, a Tibetan lama of the Karma Kagyu order.  The talks will be Thursday, September 23 and Friday, September 24 at the Yoga Studio here in Chiang Mai.   The talk will be an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and Compassion. All part-time (and full-time) Buddhas are warmly welcomed.  More information about Lama Kunzong and the talk coming soon!

Enjoy the rain.

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