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A Letter from Our Scholar

July 10, 2011

Every week the Green Papaya Sangha offers dana.  Recently we donated money for a scholarship for a student at Mahachulongkorn Rachavidiyalaya University (happily known as Buddha U) to Phra Wittaya Thongdang of Amphur Vieng Heng, Chiang Mai.  He is an outstanding student in his third year.  Here is his thank you letter (unedited);

Dear  Green papaya sangha

I’m Phra wittaya Thongdang I studying third year faculty of humanity English major  at  mahachularlongkornrajavidyalaya Uninersity ChaingmaiCampus . I have received scholarship from green papaya shangha allready .
I’m greatful to received scholarship from green papaya sangha . That scholarship will useful in my education until graduate  . I know that my growth and success from Green Papaya Sangha support .
So before I end . I would to say thank you for your kindness offer scholarship to me . I hope that I will receive from your kindness again thank you.

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