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Non Violent Communication Retreat at New Life Foundation

March 16, 2012

Retreat at New Life Foundation

Living Empathetic Intelligence

28-30 March 2012 • with Louise Romaine (NVC Certified Trainer from UK)


What is Nonviolent Communication (NVC) / Compassionate Communication?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a process of communication, developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg that is based on compassion. It supports interactions we have with others in clearly, honestly and compassionately expressing ourselves and also in deeply listening to another. The ‘inner chatter’ or dialogues we have in ourselves by bringing an attitude of self compassion and kindness.

NVC focuses our attention on needs – on the universal longings, values and yearnings that each and every one of us as human beings share – needs such as honesty, peace, care, support, to contribute, to be included – (to name but a few).

In addition, to achieve greater clarity in our self awareness and ‘inner chatter’, and to decrease the likelihood of others hearing blame or criticism in the words we use with them, NVC brings our awareness to making factual observations without judgments and also to making clear specific requests in our dialogues with others

NVC is used the world over in schools, prisons, peace processes, organisations, with couples, in families, between friends etc with an aim to create interactions where the needs of every human being are heard and valued. By keeping a focus on these needs that we all share, a greater possibility for understanding and compassion occurs.

NVC also focuses on feelings – believing that all feelings arise from needs. If our needs are met then we experience pleasant feelings. If our needs remain unmet them we experience unpleasant feelings. (i.e. if I experience care from others I may feel relaxed, content, happy. If I don’t experience care then I may feel anxious or hurt or sad or annoyed).

This is the key focus of NVC – noticing the feelings and needs in ourselves and others, as a way of being in touch with what really matters to us and others.

The course will cover a basic introduction to Nonviolent Communication with a focus on practice. People experience how moment-to-moment attentiveness shifts interactions from antagonism and conflict to wide connection.

We will practice honesty, empathic listening and self-empathy to access our own resources of compassion, curiosity and resilience.

Our “Living Empathic Intelligence” then guides us to the good-will that comes when everybody senses that their needs matter.

Fee 4,500 Baht
Food/Lodging 1,200 Baht

Organized by Kwanpandin Institute and New Life Foundation

Louise Romaine • Trainer and Facilitator

Louise is a personal, professional, and organisational development trainer and consultant. She established her own business in her early 20’s, working as a consultant within client business organisations. Since 2007 she has led courses in a variety of self-development areas.

She is currently an active member of NVC Education in France and Europe and has served as an Assistant in many IITs with Marshall Rosenberg. She is also a founding member and leader of her local circle in Carcassonne and NVC Education South-West France. She offers courses and private sessions to individuals seeking to learn and live the consciousness NVC represents.

Louise combines her understanding of business dynamics and marketing with healing and transformation work to support individuals wanting to make their dreams a reality. Louise is a qualified physiotherapist.

Visit her website at Peace Factory.

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  1. Gaston Schmitz permalink
    March 19, 2012 4:44 am

    This looks so interesting. Both the course and Louise’s profile. It’s a pity we are not back in Chiang Mai yet, but will check her website. Mindful regards from Nepal.

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