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Earth Breathing, Breathing Earth Retreat

March 23, 2012

Earth Breathing, Breathing Earth

2-6 May 2012 
with Jon Jandai & Vichak Panich

Opportunity to learn meditation techniques, Buddhist teachings and practices with an experienced instructor. This five-day retreat brings together the state of embodiment in meditation practice and daily activities in a mindfulness-based recovery community.

Participants receive extensive instruction in mindfulness-awareness (shamatha – vispashyana), as well as bodywork techniques, opening, stabilizing and extending awareness according to the Tibetan Buddhist teachings. With Jon Jandai, participants are introduced to knowledge of self-reliant living including introduction to natural building, organic gardening, natural health and product making.

  1. Extensive exploration of the body, breath, and all emotional states.
  2. Coming back to the healing energy of the earth.
  3. Daily talks on the essential teachings of the practice lineage
  4. Intensive periods of silence interspersed with discussion and group exploration.
  5. Working on the land, making bricks, working in the garden, and getting sweat.
  6. Synchronizing body and mind, earth and heaven.

Workshop in English with no Thai translation

Limit to only 20 participants
To register please email

Fee 5,500 Baht (includes food and lodging)
If you’re a volunteer at New Life Foundation, fee is 3,500 Baht

Organized by Pun Pun Organic FarmTilopa House and New Life Foundation

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