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Meditate with Phra Uttara at Wat Umong

May 25, 2012

Phra Uttara, the meditation teacher at Wat Umong, will be presenting a special dharma talk and meditation practice this coming Monday morning, May 28th at 9 am at Wat Umong.  It will be approximately two hours.  For those of you who had the opportunity to attend Phra Uttara’s dharma talk for our May 24th session, you know that Phra Uttara’s presentations are warmly humorous, and profoundly simple.  

Phra Uttara is a monk from Vietnam and has studied in Burma under U TejaniyaHe was the “meditation master” for the ten-day meditation course in English for the monks and novices studying at Mahachulalonkornrajavidyalaya Buddhist University in Chiang Mai. 

Wat Umong is a Buddhist oasis in the growing Chiang Mai metropolis. Tucked up against Doi Suthep, it is a temple in the Thai forest tradition.  Wat Umong has a close relationship with Wat Suan Mokh, the home of Buddhidasa, arguably the most famous and influential Thai monk of the twentieth century.  


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