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Special Sangha Sitting Thursday, June 28

June 25, 2012

Please join our friend Antony this Thursday at the Green Papaya.

Friends of the Green Papaya Sangha,

I would like to invite you for a special sitting this Thursday. On the 25th June 2011 my girlfriend of three years abruptly passed away in a river accident in the Northeastern state of Meghalaya, India.

In an attempt to find something to console my sadness, I found meditation. Something that has not only allowed me to come to terms with the death of Chrissie, but come to terms with accepting life itself, in particular, the concept of impermanence. This alone has allowed love and gratitude to overcome all. Something I want to share with the people of Chiang Mai.

Whether it’s acceptance of a passed relationship, a death of someone close or simply a significant change in your life, join me and the Green Papaya Sangha this coming Thursday with a meditation based on the teachings of Sogynal Rinpoche and an opportunity of a small social chat and the sharing of fruit. There will be fruit provided, but please bring along your favourite fruit.

I am looking forward to meeting you all there. I leave you with a quote:

“He who binds himself to a joy,
Does the winged life destroy,
He who kisses the joy as it flies,
Lives in eternity’s sunrise”

Be happy.


Anthony Biddlecombe

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