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Phra Pandit Bhikku returns to the Green Papaya Sangha

December 16, 2014

On Thursday, December 18 at 7:30 pm at the Yoga Tree the Green Papaya Sangha welcomes back Phra Pandit Bhikku.     Phra Pandit is an inspiring, provocative, pragmatic teacher who brings his personal practice and experience to his dharma talks. They are always of interest.

Pandit Bikkhu is well known as the organizer of  Little Bang Sangha, the hub of many dhamma talks, retreats, and workshops in Bangkok and around Thailand. Ordained as a monk in Thailand in 1996, the British born Bhikku’s contemporary style of teaching of Buddhist meditation draws from a wide array of influences, including other Buddhist traditions, Western psychology, mythology and fairy tales.

He will also be joining us on Christmas night, December 25th.  What better way to enjoy Christmas than with a wonderful dharma teacher.

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