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Meditation in the Three Buddhist Traditions

July 9, 2018

Welcome Venerable Ani Pema (Karen Schaefer) this Thursday, July 12 at the Yoga Tree at 19:30.

Meditation in the Three Buddhist Traditions

What are the meditation practices in the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajarayana traditions?

Venerable Ani Pema is an ordained nun in the Vajrayana (Tibetan) tradition. Ani Pema brings many years of practice and study of classical yoga, Indian philosophy and Buddhism in Bhutan, India, Taiwan and Thailand. She directed a meditation center in Sydney, Australia for six years where she also taught in hospitals and prisons. She was a counselor up at New Life Foundation in Chiang Rai for two years specializing in Yoga for Anxiety and Trauma and conducted meditation workshops and retreats. Most recently she was in Pune and Mumbai India where she worked with social activists and therapists who worked in suicide prevention, domestic violence and with children of special needs

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