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Ajarn Santikaro

November 21, 2017

On Thursday, November 30 at 19:30 at the Yoga Tree, the Green Papaya Sangha welcomes Ajarn Santikaro for a dharma talk:

Suffering:  Escape, Embrace, or Fix?

Ajarn Santikaro first came to Thailand as a Peace Corps Volunteer where he became interested in Buddhism.  After completing four years of service he traveled down to Wat Suan Mokh where he ordained as a monk with the Venerable Buddhadasa, one of the most famous and influential Thai monks of the 20th century.  Ajarn Santikaro was Buddhadasa’s primary translator.  He also translated and edited Mindfulness with Breathing and Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree. 

Presently Ajarn Santikaro and his wife Jo Marie are stewards of Liberation Park, a Buddhist Dhamma refuge in Wisconsin in the United States.


Join our Mindful Thanksgiving

November 19, 2017

Just a few tickets left.  See you Thursday.

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Blind Spots

November 6, 2017
Please join us this Thursday, November 9 for an interactive talk 
As Buddhist practitioners, are there things about ourselves that we don’t see?
Our Speaker:  Carl Samuels is a Dharma Brother.  He and his wife have been living in Chiang Mai for 14 years. He is a co-founder of Cancer Connect Chiang Mai, an organization that assists people diagnosed with cancer, and at end of life.  Carl is a student of Zen Master Amasamy.

Join our Mindful Thanksgiving

November 5, 2017

green papaya sangha

Thursday, October 26th

October 23, 2017

Our weekly Thursday evening meeting will be cancelled Thursday, October 26th In respect to the Memory of His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Walk With Me

September 1, 2017
A movie about the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh Walk with Me narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing at the SF Cinema in the Maya shopping center.
The kind managers of SF Cinema is going to give us a special rate for showing on Sunday, September 24.   We don’t have the exact time or price yet.
So mark your calendars.  Details soon to follow.   Here is the trailer:
Eat your popcorn mindfully

Welcome Upul Gamage

July 15, 2017

Thursday 20 July 7:30pm at Yoga Tree:

Green Papaya Sangha has the pleasure to welcome Upul Gamage, the resident meditation teacher of Nilambe Meditation Center located in the hills above Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Upul has been guiding thousands of people from different backgrounds who come to Nilambe to practice Vipassana meditation.   Upul’s interest in meditation began in 1977 at the early age of 13 and he was instrumental in establishing a Youth Society at the Buddhist temple near his home. He later met Godwin Samararatne who had founded Nilambe.  Upul continued to assist Godwin who was a very beloved teacher and subsequently Upul took over the direction of Nilambe since Godwin’s passing in 2000.

Besides teaching at Nilambe, Upul  conducts programs at prisons, schools, monasteries, private residences etc. He is regularly invited to conduct meditation retreats in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany and Switzerland. According to his teaching, practice of Meditation paves the path to help ourselves, to understand ourselves and to change ourselves for better as we are becoming more and more mindful about all our day-to-day activities. Moreover, Upul’s great ability to speak to our hearts and practical and philosophical way of presenting Dhamma has enormous power to make us practice Meditation in a joyful manner.
Learn more about Nilambe:

We hope you can join us for this opportunity to engage in discussion and loving kindness meditation with Upul.